Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cute little flower

A small flower that is red yellow white and orange! $2.

Green sparkles!

Large lime green ribbon with sparkly polka dots. It has a sparkly button to top it off!

Pink zebra and swirls

A large pink zebra background and and swirly ribbon on the front! Get it now for $4.

Yellow flower

A large petal flower with a sparkly diamond! Get it now for $5.

Black with gray flowers

Black with gray flowers. Get it for $3.

Pink valentine!

A large hot pink bow with hearts on it. Get it just in time for valentines day! Get it for $5!


Love sparkles? Then this is your hair bow to have!! It has a purple with sparkly pink and lime green polka dot background ribbon and then green sparkly ribbon and a flower button to complete it. Get it now $5!


Who doesn't love zebra?!? Get a cute hair bow with a lavender purple button and with a diamond on top, get it now for $4.

Black polka dots

A medium sized bow that has black bubbly polka dots and a white back round. Has a cute little black button to top it off! Anyone want it?! Get it for $3!

Colorful owls!

Adorable little owls with a black background! Every girl will have to have one of these! Only $4!

Go panthers!

A medium sized bow that is white with black panther paws. Great for all of our Northwood fans! Only $4.

Blue plaid

A adorable medium sized blue plaid bow with a sparkly flip flop in the middle. It's a must have! And only $4!

Silver winter bow

It's a gorgeous silver winter bow!

Valentine bow!

Need a valentine bow?! Here's one for you! Get it soon for only 4 dollars!

Pink zebra

Medium size pink and it's zebra! 3 dollars.

Gorgeous red flower

Large flower petal flower with diamond. Now 5 dollars!

Silver and black polka dot

One of my new bows! Get it now for five dollars!

Gold polka dot bow

Look at this awesome new bow! Get it for only 3 dollars!!